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Who We Are…

Over the past century, we have seen America grow into a successful and prosperous nation. We’ve overcome war and we’ve faced and overcame adversity in social issues time and time again. With the rapid growth of the food industry, we found ourselves suddenly able to process 9 billion chickens, 32 million cattle, 241 million turkeys, 2.2 million sheep, 121 million hogs in just ONE year. We have all of the conveniences we could ever ask for right at our fingertips, and more food than we could ever fit in our stomachs.

How did we get to this point? What repercussions result from being able to do the work that we thought was once only possible by an act of God? In this very same era, we have an epidemic of human deaths due to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Diseases that have proven to be prevented and even reversed through diet and lifestyle change. What is the connection here? Here is the key: The food we eat, how we fuel ourselves, is directly related to our health and the possibility of developing one of these top three diseases that claim the lives of our loved ones daily. America is overproducing food. We are wasting about 40% of what we prepare. Yet the majority of us are overweight, sick, tired, anxious, and depressed. How can that be with such Abundance? It’s time to move away from the need to feel secure by quantity, and to truly feel secure with quality.

At Simply Fresh Market, we pride ourselves in offering quality products that you can trust. And unfortunately, we know that other companies have fell through with that promise before. But this time, it needs to be true. We can’t allow one more family to suffer from the lies of our current food and marketing industry. At our market, there is not need to read the labels with a magnifying glass. We hand-select every product that enters our store because of its admirable footprint. We want products that guarantee a future for our families and ourselves. No more harmful chemicals, additives, pesticides, fillers, genetically-modified foods, or toxins. We refuse to carry products that will contribute to tragedy and disease that our current food system lures Americans into. This is a family-owned, family-run business, and we are passionate about healing our community. Food will be what heals us all and makes us thrive. It will be our medicine, and thankfully, we have the ability to make that choices everyday.

Our Perspective…