Simply Fresh Coffee

We offer a variety of organic coffee and have flavors exclusive to Simply Fresh. Working with local roasters we source coffee beans from farms that are free of pesticides, herbicides and more. Additionally, local roasters do not expose the beans to any processes that add things like preservatives that you find in regular big name coffee’s beans. Such preservatives can be found in the beans used to make fast food and gas station coffee. Such things destroy the natural flavor of coffee and coffee’s real health benefits. Coffee does more for you than just wake you up in the morning! You need only drink organic coffee to experience it for yourself!

Come by the shop and try it for yourself, every day we keep a pot warm and ready to serve a cup From morning till afternoon.

Straight to your door

Order online and we will ship Simply Fresh Coffee to where ever you are!

*All Coffee orders come with Free Shipping!

3X dime bags.jpg


1lb each, Cloose your flavor.


Blend $30.00

Triple Bundle

3 bags 1lb each, Choose your flavor combination.


Blends x3 $60.00


Custom Orders

If you like our coffee and want to order a larger amount gives us a call. We’d love to work with you to supply your event or restaurant.

810 360 4249