We have all the groceries…

We know where our food comes from

Simply Fresh Market’s commitment to bringing you the healthiest food options available starts by knowing where everything we sell to you comes from. We take the time to not only learn about the food, but who is producing it. By knowing how the food is produced What know better than any other grocier if the food we serve you is either 100% organic or "semi” Organic. As well as any other details. This effort also gives us a far higher aptitude than other grociers for assessing freshness of food, especially when searching for times of peak flavor.

Hand-select the best

Some grocers sell and push foods that are nearly out of season or in the ends of there freshness. To completely avoid that you have to hand-select every item. We do that to every item we carry so to ensure that every item we sell you is in its prime, and not in it’s twilight.

We love to help you shop

We are proud that we know far more about the food we serve than the average grocer. Such Knowledge is the core of our healthy eating mission. Our staff can help you find the choices that match up with your goals. Every day our staff helps people find options that suit there needs. Whether you need to find a non-labeled organic substitute for your favorite organic food to keep it within organic parameters, or you need a to know which bacons are not cured with sugar for your Whole 30 Lifestyle, Our staff knows the food we sell you.

(You need a whole 30 life style and you need to find a bacon that's cured with not sugar. bacon cured with something other than sugar)

Offering Free Tastes…


We offer samples of our unique foods and beverages daily. This is important to us because we offer food and beverages that you can’t find anywhere else in Livingston County. The only way to know if you really like something is to sample it. “You can even sample the wine!”


Fruits year round

zingerman bread.jpg

Fully line of Zingerman’s Bread


Fully line lunch meats and specialty meats straight from our instore butcher


Dairy From Skim to Whole all from Grass Fed Cows.