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Catering Menu

*We can customize any menu Item to meet your needs, and also create 100% organic menus!

We also cater to all food allergies!

All prices are for pickup only, delivery fees vary depending on distance


$30 (serves 20-25) $50 (serves 40-45) Organic Vegetable Platter- celery, bell pepper, radish, carrot, broccoli, grape tomato, cucumber, served with a house made ranch dressing with fresh organic herbs *can be 100% customizable

$40 (serves 20-25) $70 (serves 40-45) Seasonal Organic Fruit Skewers- melon, pineapple, berries, grapes, mango served with a house made lemon poppy seed dip * can be 100% customizable

$75 (serves 35-40) Organic Watermelon Boat- filled with organic cut fruit (melon, pineapple, berries, grapes, mango) *can be 100% customizable

$40 (serves 20-25) $70 (serves 40-45) Caprese Skewer Platter- organic heirloom cherry tomatoes, ciliegine "cherry size" mozzarella, fresh organic basil, tossed in a house made organic pine nut pesto

$70 (serves 20-25) $130 (serves 40-45) Awesome Antipasti Platter- various kinds of olives from around the world, sweet garlic, peppadew sweet peppers, cornichons, artichoke hearts, salami, mortadella. artisan cheese

$70 (serves 20-25) $130 (serves 40-45) Artisan Cheese Platter - fresh seasonal fruit (berries, figs, grapes), nuts, crackers, bread sticks, local & imported cheese

$70 (serves 20-25) $130 (serves 40-45) House cured & smoked wild caught Sockeye Salmon Platter- caperberries, crackers, cucumbers, marinated cipollini onions, lemons, house made smoked fish pate

$65 (serves 20-25) $125 (serves 40-45) House cured & smoked wild caught Northern Michigan Whitefish Platter- crackers, cucumbers, smoked almonds, lemons, house made smoked fish pate

$60 (serves 20-25) $110 (serves 40-45) $200 (ultimate platter, serves 70 +) House poached Wild Caught Chemical Free Domestic Shrimp Platter- served with house made cocktail sauce, using organic ketchup, organic lemon, and "Son In Law" locally made horseradish *let us know if you want us to kick up the heat on the sauce, extra breath taking spice available

Sandwich Platters

$60 (serves 20-25) Ciaccio Party Submarine- Levoni fennel salami, Levoni mortadella, Daniele Hot Capicola, Oliver Farms raw milk provolone, shredded iceberg lettuce, plum tomato, peperoncini, house made red wine vinaigrette, served on a baguette

$36/dozen Famous JB’s Chicken Salad- House roasted non-gmo local chicken breast, organic flame seedless grapes, organic celery, pecans, organic tarragon, Sir Kensington's non-gmo mayonnaise, salt, pepper, served on Tibeca baguettes

$36/dozen Turkey Versus Bacon- locally roasted turkey breast, local Jake's bacon, Oliver Farms raw milk muenster, organic tomato, organic avocado, Sir Kensington's non-gmo mayonnaise, served on Tribeca baguettes

$30/dozen "Kid Friendly" Brighton's Best PBJ-  Naturally Nutty organic smooth peanut butter, Esch local triple preserves, grilled on The Crust City White bread

$30/dozen Vegan Veggie Explosion- clover sprouts, avocado, tomato, cucumber, house made vegan garlic mayonnaise, served on a 7 grain sprouted mini roll

$48/dozen Wild Caught Sockeye Salmon Sliders- organic avocado, house made sriracha mayonnaise, served on Top Cat brioche bun

$180/dozen Lobster Rolls- house made lobster salad, wild caught claw and leg meat tossed with organic tarragon, organic lemon juice, Sir Kensington's non-gmo mayonnaise, salt, pepper, served cold brushed with unsalted organic butter on Top Cat brioche lobster roll

Scratch Made Salads

$50 (serves 20-25) $80 (serves 40-45) Organic Fruit Salad- seasonal fresh fruit, with plenty of fresh berries

$50 (serves 20-25) $80 (serves 40-45) Most popular Kale Salad- organic local curly kale, Michigan dried cranberries, Organic Fuji apples, California walnuts, Amish Gorgonzola cheese, raw apple cider vinaigrette.

$60 (serves 20-25) $110 (serves 40-45) JB's Famous Chicken Salad- house roasted local non-gmo chicken breast, organic celery, organic flame grapes, organic tarragon, pecans, Sir Kensington's non-gmo mayonnaise, salt, pepper

$50 (serves 20-25) $80 (serves 40-45) Wild Caught Tuna Salad- American pole caught tuna, locally made pasta, capers, organic dill, organic celery, organic burmuda onion, Sir Kensington's non-gmo mayonnaise, salt, pepper

$50 (serves 20-25) $80 (serves 40-45) Brussels Sprout Quinoa Salad- fresh shaved sprouts, organic quinoa, toasted hazelnuts, raisins, raw apple cider vinaigrette

 $50 (serves 20-25) $80 (serves 40-45) Asian Spicy Sesame Salad- locally made spicy red pepper fettuccine, organic broccoli, organic scallion, organic bell peppers, roasted almonds, sesame seeds, tossed in a sesame tamari rice wine vinaigrette

$50 (serves 20-25) $80 (serves 40-45) Superfood Kale & Parsley Tabouli Salad- quinoa, organic cucumber, organic tomato, organic scallion, organic kale, organic curly parsley, organic Moroccan mint with a local raw honey lemon vinaigrette

$50 (serves 20-25) $80 (serves 40-45) Sweet & Salty Kale Salad- organic local kale, organic medjool dates, toasted Californian almonds, imported parmesan cheese, local raw honey lime vinaigrette

$50 (serves 20-25) $80 (serves 40-45) Vegan Rainbow Seedy Slaw- organic nappa cabbage, organic red cabbage, organic broccoli, organic red pepper, brussel sprouts, organic rainbow carrots, raw pepitas, sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, organic lemon juice,house made organic vegan aquafaba mayonnaise

$50 (serves 20-25) $80 (serves 40-45) Italian Antipasta Salad- locally made tri-color rotini, hard salami, provolone cheese, organic red onion, organic bell peppers, organic Italian parsley, organic dried oregano, salt, pepper, house made vinaigrette

$50 (serves 20-25) $80 (serves 40-45) Cowboy Caviar- organic local black beans, organic local sweet corn, organic bell peppers, organic pablano peppers, organic cilantro, organic lime juice, cumin, extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper

$50 (serves 20-25) $80 (serves 40-45) Summer Picnic Potato Salad- organic redskin potatoes, organic celery, organic scallion, organic red pepper, local pasture raised non-gmo eggs, Sir Kensington's non-gmo mayonnaise, dijon mustard, capers, salt & pepper


$60 (serves 12-16) $110 (serves 24-32) Tony's Award Winning Chili- local grass finished beef, roasted organic tomatoes, roasted organic peppers, organic onion, organic carrot, organic garlic, spices, local raw honey *served with local tortilla chips and organic sour cream


BBQ house smoked meats directly from small michigan farms

jake's pork, literally the best pork on the planet

$80 (serves 20-25) $150 (serves 40-50) Pulled Pork Butt- house smoked pasture raised non-gmo pork butt pulled, seasoned and tossed with house made organic BBQ sauce *buns for pull pork sandwiches are a additional charge

$25 (serves 2-4) Full Slab Spare Ribs- pasture raised pork spare ribs cured in a blend of organic spices, then smoked in house smothered in organic BBQ sauce

$14 (serves 2-4) Smoked Chicken- local non-gmo whole chicken cured in a blend of organic spices, then smoked in house smothered in BBQ sauce

$14 (serves 2-4) Rotisserie Chicken- local non-gmo whole chicken cured in a blend of organic spices

$90 (serves 20-25) $170 (serves 40-50) Grass Finished Beef Brisket- Brighton raised grass finished Angus brisket house cured in organic spices served with organic BBQ sauce on the side

$5 (8 ounces) Carolina BBQ sauce- 100% organic sauce made in house

$40 (serves 20-25) $60 (serves 40-50) Macaroni and Cheese

$30 (serves 20-25) $50 (serves 40-50) Potato Salad

$30 (serves 20-25) $50 (serves 40-50) Coleslaw

$30 (serves 20-25) $50 (serves 40-50) Baked Beans

$30 (serves 20-25) $50 (serves 40-50) Corn Bread


$36/dozen Chocolate Cupcakes

$36/dozen Vanilla Cupcakes

$48/dozen Lemon Chiffon Cupcakes

$48/dozen Strawberry Buttercream Cupcakes

$36/dozen Chocolate Covered Strawberries

The Crust artisan Pies

$24 (serves 8-10) Apple Double Crust

$24 (serves 8-10) American Berry Double Crust

$24 (serves 8-10) Strawberry Rhubarb Double Crust

$24 (serves 8-10) Apple Carmel Double Crust

$50 (serves 8-10) $125 (serves 40-50) Cookie, Brownie, and Bug Bar Platter- chocolate chip sea salt, oatmeal raisin, ginger molassas, peanut butter, expresso & walnut brownies, chocolate bug bar