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Interested in Joining Our Team?

Simply Fresh Market is a unique family-owned small-business. We integrate the worlds of grocery, culinary, and health, and we work on a local, small-scale to provide the best experience to our customers – and our employees. Our employees see long-term career opportunities since we grow together to make a difference in our community.

We are very passionate about our mission

At Simply Fresh Market, we pride ourselves in offering quality product that you can trust. We can’t allow one more family to suffer from the lies of our current food and marketing industry. At our market, there is no need to read labels with a magnifying glass. We hand-select every product that enters our store because of its admirable footprint. We want products that guarantee a future for our families and ourselves. No more harmful chemicals, additives, pesticides, fillers, genetically-modified foods, or toxins. We refuse to carry products that will contribute to the tragedy and disease that our current food system lures Americans into. This is a family-owned, family-run business, and we are passionate about healing our community. Food will be what heals us all and makes us thrive. It will be our medicine, and thankfully, we have the ability to make that choice everyday.”

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